Phaser Book: Interphase #1

Directly from Phaser author, 400 pages with detailed “making of” guide to create 8 complete games.

Written by Phaser author

If you want to learn how to make HTML5 games using Phaser, this is the book for you. With 400 pages and eight complete games explained, this book will teach you how to create HTML5 games in a fun and professional way.

A Guide to the Phaser State Manager

A comprehensive to using States in Phaser. It explains the internal workings of the State Manager, describing what the reserved properties and methods are, how to use them and how they can make your code more concise.

It also includes lots of example source code. If you’ve ever wondered how, or why, to logically split your game up then this guide is for you.

8 “Making Of” Guides

Interphase contains 8 complete games. Each is finished to a high standard. With clearly named variables, logical structures and professional original pixel art. The detailed ‘Making Of’ guides for each game will teach you different aspects of Phaser.

You’ll learn how to use P2 Physics by building a game of 8 Ball Pool. 10 Second Clicker introduces shaders and adding your own uniforms to them. Create a bitmap based particle emitter in Lazer Dash and loads more.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Tile Map scanning
  • Level design with Tiled
  • Using shaders in your game
  • Adding uniforms to shaders
  • Revolute Constraints in P2 Physics
  • Collision detection and hit boxes
  • Bitmap Particle Emitters
  • Creating underwater turbulence
  • Screen sized bitmap fonts
  • Multi-axis tweening
  • Object pools and object re-use
  • Creating a billiards game in P2
  • Making sprites shake

[/ish_list][ish_headline tag_size=”h3″ icon=”ish-icon-right-big”]Extra tutorials[/ish_headline][vc_column_text]As well as guides on how to make the 8 games you can also find extra tutorials that focus on one specific topic.

For example there’s a tutorial on recent advancements to the Phaser Loader – it may sound dull, but it can cut your game code down dramatically!

Or how about a tutorial on plotting the trajectory of Arcade Physics sprites so you can determine where they will land? Or how to build a flip-screen tilemap game? It’s all in here.

Eight different games

Each game is deeply explained and you will also find all the source code, the graphics assets and a lot of bonus content:

8 Ball Pool: Pool game using P2 physics

10 Seconds Clicker: How many times can you click an alien in 10 seconds?

Lazer Dash: Collect star and avoid bullets. A lot of bullets.

Mined Out: Half arcade, half Minesweeper

Off the Hook: Feed a fish

Slalom: Ski down the mountain

Aquaplane: Extreme water ski in sea full of sharks

Hot Hoops : A basketball theme skill game

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Learn loads about Phaser, directly from the lead developer of it, while having fun in the process. The download includes the book in PDF, ePub and Mobi formats.

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