Phaser Game: Just Jump

Completely commented source code of the “one button” game inspired by the Flash blockbuster “Space is Key”

Inspired by a Flash game blockbuster

In 2011, a great Flash game was played all over the world millions and millions times. Its name is Space is Key and you can play the original Flash version on Armor Games or you can get it for your iOS or Android device.

One button game means fun game

One button games feature the entire game area like a single, big button. Clicking or touching anywhere in the game area turns the button to be pressed or released. This kind of control works well on desktop games and feels awesome on mobile devices.

Tap or click to begin. According to your browser preferences, you may have to focus the game area to make the game load. If you have a mobile device, you can play directly from this link.

One game, a lot of concepts

It’s just a simple game, but looking at the commented source code you will learn a lot of concepts and tricks, including:

  • Scale the game to cover the largest and widest area possible while keeping the aspect ratio
  • Handle game states
  • Preload graphic and sound assets
  • Save high scores on your computer/mobile device
  • Add sprites to the game
  • Organize sprites in groups
  • Simulate physics with ARCADE physics engine
  • Generate random yet playable levels
  • Detect collisions
  • Use bitmap fonts to place text in the game
  • Wait for player input and handle it
  • Manage particle effects
  • Play sounds
  • Move, resize, tint and rotate sprites
  • Create a playable demo

The game is also easily customizable with almost no effort, so you can change its gameplay to fit your needs.

Line by line commented source code

Each line of the source code is commented, to show you things work, have a look:

Updated to the latest Phaser version

Just Jump is made with the lastest official Phaser release, 2.6.2

Download the source code